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DVDs are not available for Calss 11 and 12 due to Space limitations.

Why Buy Offline Sabaq Videos?

  1. Rs 300 per Subject Cheaper than Internet Data Usage Cost
    Each Sabaq video is about 50MB. And, one person should watch 20 videos per month. That’s 1GB of monthly data usage per person. And, you may have multiple people in your house watching Sabaq videos.
    So, you can see that it is cheaper to simply buy the Offline Sabaq Videos.
  2. No Internet Delays in Watching Offline Videos
  3. No Ads Play on Offline Videos

Ordering Process

  1. Please enter your order information and press the “Order” button.
  2. You will see an order summary page to review.
  3. When you confirm the order, it is sent to the shipping department.
  4. Someone will contact you to verify your identity and the order.
  5. After the verification, DVDs will be shipped to you.
  6. You will pay cash only upon receiving the DVDs.

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